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What are my people working on?

Are my people sitting idle?
Or multitasking & burning out?

How much does each project cost?

Get past point-in-time budgets & out-of-date plans
to projected burn rates with real time status

What is the health of your projects?

How do you review ALL of your projects?
In terms of Scope, Schedule, Cost, Issues, and Risk?

Will our projects deliver all scope?

What must be done? What is “nice-to-have”?
Where are scoping decisions required?

Is executive intervention required?

Which projects are beginning to fail?
Where do we need to escalate, or intervene?

Do our projects carry too much risk?

Are project risks known, and quantified?
What risks are being carried late into delivery?

See the Forest AND the Trees

Enable all levels to view data & details for ALL projects
using real-time information

Improve Project Delivery

Focus your teams on delivering Projects,
not overhead & admin tasks

Streamline Processes, Reduce Overhead

Make it easy & natural for Team Members to capture data required to track & report on projects & status in a single tool

Assess & Manage Risk

Leverage past performance
to better anticipate & manage project risks

Improve Resource Management

Increase resource utilization & better allocate
& manage resources, based on real-time information

Optimize Project Metrics

Make better decisions faster & easier,
with effective project metrics in a single tool

CA PPM is the foundation of our PPM Successes

CA PPM puts all project information in one location

Guides process from Project Intake to Inflight Projects, to Post-Launch Operational Management

Simple approach to forecasting project resources and recording monthly estimates

Built-in Gantt chart for managing your project schedules

Track all project Risk and Issues in one place in a standard format

Collaborate with your project team with a social media look and feel

Generate Project Status at any point in time using live project data

Video: The Simple Way to Manage Complex Projects

Empowered's Structured Approach enables your success

Understanding your use case, along with your key stakeholders, culture and current project management practices, comes first

Next, we determine where to start with an initial release that delivers the best value & quick wins, with the least change & effort.

Then, we implement your custom persona-based workflows into CA PPM and roll out, with the appropriate user training.

We also map out a plan to evolve & mature your PMO processes, at a pace that's right for your organization.

Video: Empowered's Structured Approach

Project Gate Management

Your Project Gate & Lifecycle process, put directly into CA PPM
Define & Track Gates and Deliverables applicable to each project
Capture Gate Decisions, in terms of Scope, Cost and Schedule
Includes a Dashboard & Reports to communicate progress and make decisions

Utilization of Contract Resources

Enter & Track contracts, POs and invoices for Contract Resources
Enables forecast, execution & accrual of expenditures against activities and project tasks/work packages
Captures workflow of mapping resource burn to activities, to invoicing, to invoice approvals and payment

Time Sheets & Vacation Management

Confidential, secure, real-time Vacation Planning & Balance Tracking
Capture Time and Effort by Project & Task
Easy to Use, purpose-built interface to minimize training

Decisions of Record

Capture details of who made what decision when
based on what information, for historical accountability.
Simple text fields capture & track key decision data, and supporting documentation, within each project

Available as Solution Packs

Simple, value-add configuration packages you can implement
to quickly and easily improve their current practices
Includes Onboarding Assistance & Full Support from Empowered

Effective PPM Delivers Results

Improve Project Delivery

Enable Teams to Collaborate
Balance Conflicting Priorities
Optimize Resource Management

Streamline Processes

Standardize Project Information
Automate Project Data Collection
Reduce Effort & Interactions

Optimize Value & Benefits

Identify & Resolve Pain Points
Reduce Costs & Effort
Increase Return-on-Investment

Develop a Strategic Vision

Align Resources to Top Priorities
Determine Initial Steps & Roadmap
Optimize the Value of your PMO

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Leverage our PPM Expertise

  • Our experts have extensive Project & Portfolio Management experience
  • Best-in-class products to optimize & automate PMO operations
  • Our Approach builds on your existing culture and practices to deliver quick wins & long term value at the right pace for your organization
  • Our track record of success includes leading enterprises and public sector organizations throughout North America

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Why Empowered?

Our Team has decades of experience in helping organizations establish a Project Management Office (PMO) function, and in enhancing, evolving and automating processes for existing PMOs, for diverse organizations in many industry sectors, at all levels of maturity. Our technical team has deep expertise in systems integration, with advanced skills and formal certifications in CA PPM and a variety of supporting technologies and products.


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