Empowered Services for NetMRI

NetMRI HealthCheck

Empowered delivers a low-cost, high-value inspection of
your existing NetMRI installation. We check the configuration, operation and
maintenance of your NetMRI appliance and help you understand and resolve:

  • Managed device discovery issues
  • NetMRI software upgrade path
  • Polling optimization
  • Backup and recovery challenges

Systems Engineering, Implementation

From simple installs to product upgrades to multi-phased implementations and complex integration or customization work, Empowered has the experience to ensure our customers’ business needs  and goals are met on time and on budget.

Workflow Optimizer, and Switch Port Management

Users in complex networking environments needing to collaborate across teams to make timely and efficient changes to access ports on the network need a way to reduce time, cost and skills and to improve correctness of changes. Empowered Workflow Optimizer is a management system front-end automation platform.  It provides a simplified user interface for specific business applications, abstracting many of the technical complexities inherent in most management tools.  Our Switch Port Management edition provides an end to end solution for the work, tasks, management, auditing, quality control and access control for switch port changes.  It utilizes the Infoblox NetMRI system and provides customized workflows and a simplified UI.

Custom Scripting

Your network is designed to meet the needs of your business and since no two businesses are exactly the same, neither are their supporting networks. Variety of network design, device heterogeneity, and the use of VRFs, to name a few, can all conspire to make even seemingly simple jobs such as changing passwords, adjusting DHCP helper addresses, or setting DNS and NTP servers more challenging. NetMRI’s powerful automation provides a solution but sometime either time or skillsets limit your ability to fully leverage its power. Empowered has the skills and experience to develop the Custom Scripting needed to meet your organization’s unique needs.


Whether you need to connect NetMRI to a service desk platform like ServiceNow® or BMC Remedy ITSM Suite® or to another automation platform like Puppet® or RedHat® AnsibleTM, our team of solution engineers have the connectors to do the job. We can leverage our extensive library of existing NetMRI Connectors or develop a bespoke connector that fits your exact requirements.

NetMRI Training

Empowered is an Infoblox Authorized Training Partner, delivering:

  • Network Automation Basic Configuration (NABC) / 2 days
  • Network Automation CCS Scripting (NACS) / 2 days

MergeAssist Network Assessment

Successfully combining companies through merger or acquisition requires effective IT integration. A detailed understanding of the newly acquired IT assets is critical prior to the planning and integration activities.

How do you really know what’s on those remote networks you inherited through acquisitions or mergers? The Empowered MergeAssist professional service delivers:

  • Quick and accurate identification of your newly acquired network asset information
  • The information required to effectively and efficiently plan and execute your post merger network integration strategy

Outcomes supported:

  • Understand the structure of network addressing, subnets and routes across the network
    • Subnet overlaps, VLAN overlaps, Open Switch Ports
  • Understand the population of network device manufacturers, models and deployed code versions
  • Understand the configuration of each network device
  • Identify network devices that may present a compliance or security risk
    • For supported device vendors we will match known security issues
  • Provide insights on lifecycle status of all devices, to guide replacement strategies and priorities
    • For supported device vendors, we will identify devices at End of Live and End of Sale


EmpoweredCare is our family of services that provide ongoing administrative, operational, and policy best practices support throughout the lifetime of your specific technology investments. Our highly specialized and experienced resources allow our customers to keep their resources focused on leveraging those investments, minimize risk of staff turnover and skills shortages, and maximize the ROI and value delivered to your business.

NetMRI Advisor™

NetMRI Advisor is an add-on service for existing NetMRI customers that provides a constantly-updated, curated feed of manufacturer security bulletin content as well as Lifecycle info to help you plan replacements where unsupported devices will increase risk and impact compliance. Our data feed takes raw data published by the manufacturer and creates NetMRI rules and policy from them. These policies are automatically collected from our secure cloud and loaded onto your NetMRI appliance.

NetMRI Advisor is an automated Security and Lifecycle Notification add-on service.