Empowered Services for DDI

DNS HealthCheck

This is a standard service offering that provides your IT staff with an assessment of your existing external DNS infrastructure. The DNS Health Check is the first step in the Audit/Analyze step of the DNS Management lifecycle.

This introductory DNS check is performed by our Certified Engineers, using industry best practices designed by DNS expert Cricket Liu. After a 4-hour, on-site visit, we deliver an audit report that characterizes the status of your external name servers and compares your environment with industry best practices. In addition to the DNS server check, the audit covers key DNS testing areas such as administration, monitoring, disaster recovery, and change control.

Through an examination of your existing processes for securing, upgrading, backing up, modifying, and monitoring your architecture we provide detailed recommendations for bringing you into compliance with current DNS architecture best practices.

DDI Assessment

DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management are core services without which your network, and everything connected to it, is paralyzed. Yet too many organizations deliver these key services in a fragmented and inefficient manner – pushing underpowered and insecure tools created for workgroup settings to try and handle enterprise environments. At the same time IoT, mobility, and RFID are driving meteoric growth in IP enabled devices while new operating paradigms such as cloud and DevOps complicate IP management. The consequences are significant and range from inefficient operations and wasted dollars through to network outages and security incidents. Understanding what you have and how it is used is the first step in addressing the challenge.

Empowered’s DDI Assessment gives you the information and insight to take control of your DDI environment. Using our structured methodology that combines technical data acquisition with consultative expertise, our experts will assess your environment to help you understand not just where you are, but where you need to be to address the challenges that your business is facing.

Our assessments can provide visibility into and recommendations and industry best practices for all of the following:


  • Survivability (Disaster Recovery, High Availability, etc.)
  • Capacity and Scalability
  • Standards Definition


  • DNS infrastructure hardening
  • Attack identification and mitigation capabilities
  • Security ecosystem integration


  • Ownership and Accountabilities
  • Processes and Workflow
  • Operational Efficiency and Automation
  • Provisioning and service management integration

Systems Engineering, Implementation

DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) are core services that underpin your network. The ever-increasing velocity of change, the meteoric rise in the number of IP devices driven by IoT, mobility, and RFID, and the fundamental management challenges of virtualization and cloud are forcing organizations to re-evaluate and re-tool their DDI environments. Being able to fill the gap between where your DDI capabilities are today and where you need to be depends on solid technology choices but isn’t always as simple as just buying the technology. Realizing the value of this technology requires expert resources with depth of experience in design, planning, implementation, and operations to ensure the integration of the DDI technology into your larger operational ecosystem.

Whether addressing existing requirements or supporting new projects, Empowered’s engineers combine deep technical DDI expertise with decades of operational experience to provide industry leading professional services that will move your DDI agenda forward at the speed your business demands. Our experts can provide the resources needed for both consultation and hands on implementation for all aspects of DDI requirements including:

  • Design and planning
  • Core DDI services implementation
  • Change management integration
  • Incident/Event management integration
  • Cloud automation integration
  • Security ecosystem integration

Workflow Optimizer

Empowered Workflow Optimizer is a management system front-end automation platform.  It provides a simplified user interface for specific business applications, abstracting many of the technical complexities inherent in most management tools.

Custom Scripting

Chances are, with your existing legacy DDI solution, you have need of custom scripts that simplify everyday tasks such as bulk changes or complex ones such as information validation across your DDI infrastructure. With its exceptional operational capabilities, Infoblox DDI generally removes the need for these custom scripts.

In those few cases where custom scripting is required, perhaps a one time consolidation of legacy formats (xml, spreadsheets, etc.) for import into Infoblox IPAM, Empowered has the skills and experience to develop the Custom Scripting needed to meet your organization’s unique needs.


Infoblox sets the benchmark for enterprise DDI but integration of its capabilities into your larger organizational tool set provides another level of operational and security benefits.

Whether you are looking for seamless interoperability with your VMware, AWS, Azure, or OpenStack Cloud Management platforms, operational connectivity with your Service Now or BMC Remedy ITSM Suite, or integration into your Security Ecosystem, Empowered is the partner you need. Leveraging our expertise, experience, and Infoblox’s extensive integration capabilities, we’ll help create integrations that meet or exceed your requirements and maximize your investment in DDI.


Empowered can help you select the Infoblox DDI training courses that best fit your needs.  Available courses include:

Core DDI

  • Core DDI Configuration and Admin (CDCA) / 5 days
  • Core DDI WAPI Scripting (CDWS) / 3 days
  • Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting (CDAT) / 2 days
  • Core DDI Architecture and Design (CDAD) / 2 days
  • Core DDI Data Migration (CDDM) / 3 days

Secure DNS

  • Secure DNS Configuration and Admin (SDCA) / 3 or 5 days
  • Active Trust Cloud Configuration and Admin (ATCA) / 0.5 days

Migration Services

Because DNS and DCHP are core functions in a modern network, it is likely that the implementation of Infoblox DDI means migration from existing legacy DNS and DHCP platforms. Whether you are finally moving away from one of the many Bind based offerings (BlueCat, Nokia VitalQIP, EfficientIP, etc.) or stepping up from a Microsoft solution, Empowered has the knowledge and skills to make the transition painless. Our engineers can support you through all stages of the migration from planning through to implementation to ensure you realize all the benefits that Infoblox DDI has to offer.


EmpoweredCare is our family of services that provide ongoing administrative, operational, and policy best practices support throughout the lifetime of your specific technology investments. Our highly specialized and experienced resources allow our customers to keep their resources focused on leveraging those investments, minimize risk of staff turnover and skills shortages, and maximize the ROI and value delivered to your business.

Network Insight Advisor

Network Insight Advisor is an add-on service for existing Network Insight customers that provides a constantly-updated, curated feed of manufacturer security bulletin content and Lifecycle info to help you identify vulnerability and plan replacements where unsupported devices will increase risk and impact compliance. Our data feed takes raw data published by the manufacturer and creates a Network Insight consumable data feed from them that is automatically collected from our secure cloud and loaded onto your Network Insight appliance.