Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Enabling Business Agility

All companies are dealing with fast-changing business requirements. Whether going after new markets, countering competitive threats, or introducing new technologies or services, most organizations use some variant of the Virtuous Cycle of Innovation to chart their course, adapt to new requirements, accelerate change, and assure quality.

Agility demands a Paradigm Shift in IT


Empowered supports and enables all phases of the Virtuous Cycle, in these key ways:

  • Portfolio management is aimed at helping your team "do the right things" efficiently
  • Testing, especially security testing & assessments, and automation, are key enablers of faster iterations, shortened cycle times, better product quality, and enhanced security
  • Management solutions that support continuous change and responsive operations in ways that facilitate collaboration, cross-discipline teams, and breaking down IT silos
  • Monitoring, automation and analytics enable the visibility required to optimize the Cycle

Empowered has structured our business around enabling our customers to address the key challenges they face today. Our Practice Areas best categorize our expertise, and include:


Portfolio Management Security & Risk Management Change & Configuration Visibility & Monitoring Real-World Testing Timing & Synchronization


“Automation” and “Analytics” are two common threads that run through all our practice areas.


Business Moves Fast – Agility is Everything