Rego Consulting

Rego Consulting

rego-consultingRego Consulting provides CA PPM expertise on-demand at a price you can afford so you can get maximum value from your investment in CA Technologies. Founded by individuals that managed one of the most successful global deployments of CA PPM, Rego has always approached its mission from the user perspective.

CA PPM Expertise On-Demand

All Rego resources are former Clarity users and managers who understand the challenges of user adoption, executive sponsorship, and day-to-day support.


RegoUniversity™ is perhaps the best educational event for users of CA PPM.  Our team attends each year, and occasionally presents sessions at RegoUniversity. It's the best training opportunity for CA PPM Users, bar none.

RegoXchange™ is where you can find a free exchange of best practices and strategies, and an introduction to Rego’s expertise.

Empowered is proud to partner with Rego Consulting, the largest dedicated CA PPM services company, as an integral part of our Portfolio Management practice area. Our combined experience enables you to leverage the knowledge we have gained managing a variety of CA PPM environments.

We work together to address customers needs across North America, and deliver solutions for both on-demand CA PPM managed services, as well as enterprise implementations of CA PPM.  Our approach provides the expertise you need, and allows you to focus on what matters the most—running your business.

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