QualiSystems - Orchestration & Automation

QualiSystems - Orchestration & Automation

qualisystemsQualiSystems offers orchestration and automation solutions that deliver agility, productivity and cost savings to data centers, converged infrastructure, software defined networks and test labs. CloudShell and TestShell automate provisioning, self-service, validation and deployment of heterogeneous infrastructure from bare metal to operations, development to deployment, and legacy to cloud and SDN.  QualiSystems solutions are deployed by hundreds of service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and technology manufacturers worldwide.

CloudShell - Overview Video

pdf CloudShell (1.75 MB) addresses the key challenges in systems and software test environments, for SDN/NFV testing, where your DevOps team leverages Private or Public Cloud resources as part of your testing environment.  View the video to learn more.


TestShell - Overview Video

pdf TestShell (1.60 MB) addresses the automation challenges in traditional, physical test lab environments, where extending your test environment into private or public clouds is not a requirement.  At a high level, TestShell is a subset of CloudShell.  View this video to learn more.  


Drill down for details, specifications & related products at www.qualisystems.com. Or contact the experts at Empowered, to discuss your specific needs and testing goals.

Empowered is a trusted partner of QualiSystems, providing sales, professional services and support for their solutions in Canada. TestShell and CloudShell are critical components of our solutions for customers who need increased effectiveness and efficiency in lab and test automation.

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