PureShare - Proactive KPI & Data Visualization

PureShare - Proactive KPI & Data Visualization

puresharePureShare develops software-based proactive management tools that eliminate the need for reports, manual spreadsheets and slide-ware. PureShare leverages data sources inside and outside of a company to provide a direct line to answers – without the need for reports.

PureShare's products enhance business interactions by answering the question, “What is happening right now?” and provide automation, visualization and strategic focus to organizations of any size. This new Gartner report agrees.


PureShare Video Overview

Watch this video for an overview of the PureShare product family, and capabilities.


Empowered helps enable your team to manage day-to-day IT Operations by using PureShare’s impactful visual dashboards to leverage the information presented.  Our team has extensive experience and training in the solutions, and engagements ranging from simple installation of the product and connection to data sources, to turn-key projects covering needs analysis, custom dashboard design and development, and ongoing evolution, mentoring, and maintenance. Empowered’s Technical Assistance Centre provides 1st and 2nd-level support directly, and offers options for 24/7 support, ongoing support and administration. 

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