microsemiMicrosemi Corporation, with the acquisition of Symmetricom, is the world's leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions. We serve communications, enterprise IT, power utilities, financial services, aerospace, defense, and national labs. In collaboration with international standards groups, we help set the world's timekeeping standards.

Empowered is Canada’s Primary Reference for Synchronization products and systems, and the trusted and exclusive Canadian partner for Microsemi's Frequency and Time Division.  We offer a range of specialized network synchronization professional services and solutions, from network audits, consulting, training, sync network design, and turn-key installation.  We also provide first and second-level 24/7 support through our Technical Assistance Centre, deliver packaged and custom training and professional services, and bring unparalleled value to Synchronization customers in Canada.

Microsemi - Corporate Overview Video

Watch this video for an overview of Microsemi Corporation, focused on Timing & Synchronization.


Microsemi solutions are the foundation of our Timing & Synchronization offerings.
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Carrier-Class Platforms

PTP (IEEE-1588) for Wireless

NTP & Time-of-Day for Enterprise

Other Timing & Sync Solutions

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