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SevOne provides the most comprehensive technology portfolio to collect, analyze and visualize network & infrastructure performance data to deliver actionable insights to compete and win in the connected world.

SevOne serves organizations that are looking to complex, dynamic next-generation infrastructure such as software defined networks, orchestrated containers and cloud technologies to support their business goals.

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Get a holistic view of your IT environment from a single pane of glass

SevOne provides a holistic view of your network, applications and systems, for physical or virtual environments, public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

SNMP, NetFlow, nBar, WMI, and many other data sources are supported out-of-the-box, with no additional SevOne agents to configure or administer.

Get 100% visibility of your IT environment, with guaranteed 10-day turnaround on new device certification.

Plus, SevOne’s open API can bring in any time-based 3rd party data for consolidated reporting.

SevOne scales infinitely without bottlenecks.

SevOne’s patented NMS Cluster architecture allows each virtual or physical appliance to connect together to provide linear scalability in collecting, monitoring, and reporting.

The result is real-time reporting down to the second that provides the most granular data to make decisions, and prevent outages that impact end users.

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SevOne pieces together the performance puzzle for you, faster

SevOne’s tightly integrated views of SNMP and NetFlow records get you to root cause sooner.

SevOne monitors everything with extreme granularity, allowing you to quickly pinpoint the cause of service disruption.

Reducing MTTR requires a solution that measures every metric available, delivers fast, reliable insight, and provides a single place to look for information. SevOne delivers on all counts.

Detect the smoke before the fire to prevent IT Issues

SevOne baselines every metric it collects, in regards to capacity, utilization and response times.

Proactive alerts are triggered any time performance falls outside a 10-week rolling baseline of “normal” behaviour for your data center.

Alerts can be managed from SevONe’s real-time dashboard, mobile app or received via email.

Achieve faster MTTR, enforce strict IT Policies and service level agreements, and head off potential issues before they impact end users or disrupt business.

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One platform for all performance reporting needs.

SevOne provides end-to-end monitoring of your network, applications and systems in a single IT management platform scalable to millions of objects across multiple networks with no degradation to performance or speed of reporting.

SevOne’s open API can bring in any time-based 3rd party data, like transactional or temperature data, or feeds from existing/unique tools, providing a consolidated performance management database for all your reporting needs.

No more swivel-chair monitoring. And streamline your current tool administration and support.

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Empowered and SevOne

  • Empowered has extensive expertise in Network Monitoring, developed over decades of real world experience with some of North America’s leading IT-dependent enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients
  • Advanced certifications in SevOne professional services and training
  • Integration Expertise for a wide array of industry-leading and Open Source solutions for monitoring, automation, service management & more
  • Our reference accounts include leading IT-dependent enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients throughout North America

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