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ExtraHop transforms unstructured packets on the network into structured wire data, a new source of real-time business and IT insight. Hundreds of enterprises around the world have adopted this technology to proactively manage application performance, optimize their infrastructure, identify security threats, and analyze business operations.


Real-time Stream Processing auto-discovers and classifies all user, device, and application behavior, transforming raw network data into structured wire data with complete application fluency.

This fast, open, programmable, and extensible real-time streaming analytics platform allows you to draw insights from the data in motion in your IT environment, delivering valuable, real-time business, security and IT insights.

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Wire data is the richest source of instant, accurate insight for IT.

All data travels on the network, from user behavior to malware. Wire data is the result of continuously reassembling all those gigabytes of data into full transactions, flows, and sessions – the only way to see and analyze everything communicating on your network in real time.


Always On, So You Don't Have to Be

ExtraHop Addy is always on, always learning, and ready to react based on real security and performance anomalies.

A suite of machine-learning algorithms detect anomalies in time-series data for every device, network, and application, learning what is normal—and what’s not normal.

Help analysts triage and investigate threats.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides crucial insights and automates investigations so security teams can focus on what matters.

When ExtraHop Reveal(x) surfaces suspicious behavior, you’ll receive full context and precise packet details within seconds of detection. Automate anomaly-driven response workflows in SIEM platforms and management tools so you can quarantine infected systems, protect your critical assets, and put human time and resources towards tracking down real threats.


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  • Empowered has extensive expertise in Network Monitoring, developed over decades of real world experience with some of North America’s leading IT-dependent enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients
  • Advanced certifications in ExtraHop professional services and training
  • Integration Expertise for a wide array of industry-leading and Open Source solutions for monitoring, automation, service management & more
  • Our reference accounts include leading IT-dependent enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients throughout North America

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