Network Automation Best Practices – Knowing vs. Following

TWIET on Network Automation

“Knowing best practices is one thing.
Following best practices is another thing.”

When the members of the “Twiet Riot” get together for another installment of the popular podcast “This Week In Enterprise Tech” there’s always a combination of interesting subject material and thoughtful commentary from the audience.  Host Father Robert Ballecer recently tackled the topic of network automation and why you should consider it an integral part of your operations.

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“When you automate strongly,” says Father Robert, “then you can automate the best practices…you no longer have to worry about that one admin who thinks he knows better than everyone else…[then] suddenly you’ve spread a bad change across your entire enterprise.” (35:23)

Father Robert invited Dave Signori, Infoblox’s Senior Director, Product Management, Network Automation Products at Infoblox to talk about how Network Automation concepts are once again increasingly relevant in both the traditional network world, as well as in next-gen SDN and NFV infrastructure.

Watch below for more insight into making your network more secure, compliant and performant.


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