NetMRI Advisor Integrated Topology Viewer

Empowered Networks is pleased to announce an exciting new enhancement to NetMRI Advisor’s Topology viewer. Your team can now view a comprehensive and dynamic network map of all devices discovered by Infoblox NetMRI and quickly ascertain which devices require immediate remediation.  Using the new hover-over display feature, your team can drill down, view associated end-of-life and security lifecycle count information, and take action.

NetMRI Advisor Topology Viewer helps to ensure your network is secure with these features:

  • Support for more than 3,000 devices on the screen, up to the licensed amount of devices in NetMRI
  • Dynamic presentation
  • User-defined custom views
  • Robust search and filter capabilities
  • The ability for users to annotate and add or edit nodes and edges
  • Hover-over and pop up actions
  • Customizable settings

View the Micro Demo to learn more!