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What transpired? Many IT practitioners find themselves in crisis response mode today because of a significant cyberattack and data exfiltration
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DDI data has the power to increase your security team’s visibility into your network environment and sharpen your approach to
thumbnail image for supercharge incident response whitepaper PDF
In this whitepaper, we examine and discus some of the most crucial data points for visibility within your environment: DNS,
Infoblox NetMRI is the leading automation solution for network change, configuration, security policy, and compliance management—and is the only solution
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Empowered Networks is pleased to announce an exciting new enhancement to NetMRI Advisor’s Topology viewer. Your team can now view
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It’s no secret that Infoblox tooling, whether core services, security, or network automation, represents an important source of data about
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An Infoblox & Empowered Networks exclusive webinar event from Nov 18th 2020, featuring Kai Wang, former Chief Technology Officer, SunTrust
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Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense helps protect users on and off the network from malware, advanced threats, DNS attacks, and more.
featured image for making good data great webinar post
Join Infoblox & Empowered Networks for an exclusive webinar event on Nov 18th, featuring Kai Wang, former Chief Technology Officer,
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Empowered’s Integration Implementation service provides the integration capabilities you need to implement the architecture, recommendations, and roadmaps associated with your
Empowered’s Integration Consulting service provides an assessment of your current network integration capabilities and your desired end state to produce
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It’s no secret that Infoblox tooling, whether core services, security, or network automation, represents an important source of data about
thumbnail for food products customer story pdf
Empowered helped this large Americas-based food products company find dozens of devices they previously did not know about using NetMRI's
thumbnail image for infoblox data connector pdf
Getting access to the right data for event correlation and incident response is not always easy, especially in dynamic environments.
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Infoblox and PGA Champion, Jim Furyk have teed up an invitation-only virtual event, and you're invited! Learn from Victor Danevich,
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Our on-demand webinar on Automating Device Compliance Testing is now available!
Empowered is pleased to announce the release of NetMRI Advisor 1.4, further enhancing the ability to monitor and enforce security
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Empowered’s Workflow Optimizer Solution is specially designed to support Infoblox customers with complex networking environments who need to improve collaboration
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Businesses strategies are often focused on reducing manual tasks and replacing them with efficient and effective automation processes and procedures.
thumbnail image for netmri switch port management optimizer
Empowered’s NetMRI Switch Port Management Optimizer Solution is specially designed to support NetMRI customers with complex networking environments who need
thumbnail image for netmri on demand assistance pdf
If you do not have trained NetMRI experts on your staff to effectively manage operational tasks required to maintain your
thumbnail image for netmri incident integration pdf
Infoblox NetMRI provides a myriad of capabilities that include continuous network discovery, device configuration validation, security compliance, and job automation.
thumbnail image for netmri healthcheck pdf
If you currently have limited performance or no system administration on your NetMRI solution, have not completed system updates for
thumbnail image for netmri cmdb integration pdf
As you manage your network, the challenge of ensuring that your CMDB is accurately reflecting your production network is a
thumbnail image for netmri base bundle pdf
The efficient and agile deployment, configuration, and turn-up of your new instance of Infoblox NetMRI is critical to supporting your
thumbnail image for netmri advanced compliance pdf
Empowered’s NetMRI Advanced Compliance Solution is specially designed for customers experiencing complex compliance issues that cannot be addressed with the
thumbnail image for netmri advanced bundle pdf
The efficient and agile deployment, configuration, and turn-up of your new instance of Infoblox NetMRI, including your Operations Center and
thumbnail image for netmri admin assistance pdf
If you do not have trained NetMRI experts on your staff to do the administration tasks required to maintain your
thumbnail image for mergeassist pdf
Empowered’s MergeAssist Network Assessment is designed to help you if you’re embarking on a merger or acquisition. As part of
thumbnail image for ipam base bundle pdf
The efficient and agile deployment and integration of your new Infoblox IPAM environment is critical to supporting your business objectives.
thumbnail image for ddi security feed integration pdf
Infoblox BloxOne™ Threat Defense provides a powerful and efficient mechanism for you to achieve a secure network environment for your
thumbnail image for ddi refresh pdf
Let our services team support you when your physical equipment is end-of-life and no longer capable of running the latest
thumbnail image for ddi migration pdf
When faced with network landscapes that are rapidly evolving, it is critical that your core network DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM)
thumbnail image for ddi assessment pdf
DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) are core services in your environment that may remain largely unchanged over time.
featured image for timeprovider 4100 post
Empowered is pleased to announce that the 2.1 release features new enhancements that offer the most precise timing and 5G
poster image for netmri advisor overview video
NetMRI Advisor helps ensure your network is secure and compliant. Make sense of security advisories and related info, determine which
poster image for network insight video
Learn how Infoblox Network Insight integrates infrastructure device data with IP address management to provide unprecedented visibility to network administrators,
thumbnail image for network insight pdf
Managing core network services in complex, dynamic enterprise network environments is a daunting task. Currently data is created and maintained
thumbnail for discovery building block secure enterprise video
In case you missed it, view our recent webinar presented in collaboration with Infoblox and Carahsoft: Part 2 in our
thumbnail for advanced dns protection pdf
With Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection (ADP), your business is always up and running even during a DNS-based attack. Infoblox blocks
thumbnail for a day in the life of mr network video
Infoblox delivers appliance-based solutions for business-critical DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) and Network Automation. Over 7,700 global enterprises
thumbnail for identity mapping pdf
Infoblox Identity Mapping enables unprecedented visibility for enterprise network and security administrators by adding username information to the existing wealth
thumbnail for ms dns dhcp pdf
Infoblox is a Microsoft Gold Datacenter partner, providing an overlay DDI solution that is 100 percent compatible with Microsoft. Seamless
thumbnail for ipam microsoft integration PDF
Today’s enterprise infrastructure is dynamic, with new geographical locations and the networks associated with them being added or deleted on
Infoblox network services contain valuable data about your network, clients, and applications. Infoblox Reporting and Analytics takes this data and
thumbnail for bloxone threat defense advanced pdf
Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense strengthens and optimizes your security posture from the foundation up. It maximizes brand protection by securing
thumbnail for ecosystem exchange pdf
Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange is a highly-interconnected set of ecosystem integrations that extend security, increase agility, and provide situational awareness for
thumbnail for infoblox hybrid security pdf
With BloxOneTM Threat Defense, you get the industry’s first hybrid security solution that strengthens and optimizes your security posture from
thumbnail for netmri switchport management case study pdf
A large bank was struggling with a small team of engineers to execute switch port changes requested by field technicians,
thumbnail for netmri on-demand case study pdf
The business issue for the large global company was to increase the automation they could obtain from NetMRI; however, they
thumbnail for merge assist case study pdf
A large Healthcare company decided to divest one of their divisions; they had a mandate to remove all connectivity between
thumbnail for ipam case study pdf
A large investment management company was struggling to track and manage IP addresses. All IP addresses were captured manually in
thumbnail for ddi assessment case study pdf
A large South-East bank had been using separate and outdated systems for their DDI. (Microsoft for DNS and DHCP, and
thumbnail for threat intelligence pdf
Security organizations are under tremendous pressure to protect their infrastructure and data from existing and emerging cyberthreats and hazards. Through
thumbnail for infoblox ecosystem exchange pdf
Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange is a highly connected set of integrations that enable organizations to eliminate silos, optimize security orchestration, automation
thumbnail image for dns pdf
Unseen and little-noticed, domain name servers are vital to the commercial and network infrastructure of most organizations. If they are
thumbnail for bloxone ddi overview video
Infoblox BloxOne(TM) DDI is a subscription-based hybrid cloud solution that provides scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services
thumbnail for infoblox reporting analytics overview video
Infoblox core network services contain valuable data about your network, clients, and applications. Infoblox Reporting and Analytics takes this data
thumbnail for ddi for azure pdf
While organizations are utilizing an increasing number of workloads in the Microsoft Azure cloud to increase agility, reduce costs, and
thumbnail for ddi for aws pdf
Enterprises are increasingly deploying workloads in industry-leading AWS EC2 for increased agility and elasticity. Often these deployments are a component
thumbnail for ddi for google cloud pdf
Organizations are deploying workloads to cloud platforms to increase agility, reduce costs and focus on strategic initiatives. Most deployments use
thumbnail for infoblox virtualization for cloud video
Discover how Infoblox network automation for the cloud improves VM provisioning to save time, cost, and effort.
thumbnail for network agility solution note
Today roughly 80% of all enterprises are highly virtualized—taking advantage of efficient resource utilization, agility, and reduction of overall IT
thumbnail for dns traffic control datasheet
Digital transformation is changing the network landscape. Direct access to cloud applications from everywhere is expanding the network perimeter. SaaS
thumbnail for case study
With more than 9,500 employees worldwide, this European-based engineering consultancy provides a broad range of services for automotive customers in
thumb for solution note bloxone ddi
Historically, branch offices and retail locations used local server or router implementations for DDI, or backhauled DNS and DHCP traffic
thumbnail for infoblox datasheet bloxone ddi
Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-based SaaS applications like Office 365. These applications are often globally distributed services. As with all
thumbnail for bloxone ddi video
Organizations depend on reliable Internet connectivity, which in turn requires high availability DDI services. By coupling SD-WAN with BloxOne DDI,
featured image for infographic 5g edge dns
Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are embracing the distributed cloud model to power new 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) services.
Authoritative Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) QuickStart is an integration of network service tools that ensure identification and data accuracy
featured image for ipam quickstart
Today’s network complexities require accurate, near-real-time infrastructure, DNS- and DHCP-based discovery, centralized visibility on-premises or in the hybrid cloud, efficiencies
featured image for webinar resilient network post
Join Infoblox and Empowered next Wednesday, May 27th, at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT for part five of our webinar series
LokiBot has become a popular information stealer that collects credentials and security tokens from infected machines. Its code was leaked
This white paper will address these challenges and share solutions on how to quickly ramp- up security using foundational network
This report reveals that more than 7 out of 10 companies will be utilizing SD-WAN, with broad deployments covering not
slider image for covid-19 statement page
Governments, citizens and corporations across the globe have been placed under enormous pressure due to the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, we
thumbnail for webinar video about network automation
Watch the webinar replay: Network Automation: Using Asymmetry in Your Favor? Please share this link with your colleagues.
thumbnail for network insight with advisor datasheet
Digital technologies are radically changing the network landscape. Direct access to public and hybrid cloud applications from everywhere is expanding
Attention Network Teams: Effective immediately, obtain your complimentary Infoblox NetMRI subscription license to manage up to 200 network devices -
NetMRI 7.4.2 is now available! New enhancements include: Discovery of SDN and SD-WAN devices: Discover SDN and SD-WAN devices from Cisco
poster image for applying defense in depth webinar video
Watch this on-demand webinar with Empowered's Chris Hindy and Michael Ell.
thumbnail image for customer story utility
This company provides energy requirements to 6 million customers with electricity generation, transmission and natural gas distribution. The company has
This Big Ten public research university is consistently ranked among the leading institutions in the country.
thumbnail image for customer story health care
This company operates several major hospitals and clinic locations as well as other supporting businesses in the Midwest US. Operating
BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud protects data and devices everywhere, on the enterprise network, roaming, and in remote and branch offices.
BloxOne Threat Defense Business On-Premises strengthens and optimizes your security posture from the foundation. It maximizes brand protection by securing
thumbnail for bloxone threat defense advanced PDF
Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense strengthens and optimizes your security posture from the foundation up. It maximizes brand protection by securing
Empowered was honoured to be chosen as the Specialized Partner of the Year by Infoblox at their recent Americas Partner
thumbnail image for compliance webinar
Are You Audit Ready? Facing the Challenge of Compliance in the Modern World. In the event you missed the webinar
poster image for Creating Reports in NetMRI Advisor™ video
A short video on how to create reports in Advisor.
poster image for dns attacks video
What's a DNS attack, and how can it affect your networks? Watch to find out more.
poster image for dns data exfiltration video
DNS Data Exfiltration can have a significant impact on your IT Security. Is your network protected? Empowered can help!
poster image for Micro Demo: EmpoweredAdvisor™ video
This video covers the basics of Empowered Networks' EmpoweredAdvisor (TM) product. EmpoweredAdvisor (TM) helps you ensure your network is secure
poster image for Micro Demo: Workflow Optimizer video
A short demonstration of Empowered Networks' Workflow Optimizer tool.
Today I’m going to discuss the concept of discovery and its central role in network security. This discussion is part
What do you think about when you hear the term network security? Chances are that the things that come to
Empowered Workflow Optimizer provides a less complicated, more effective and efficient way to perform switch port changes across the enterprise.
Enterprises are lacking a comprehensive understanding of the current monitoring tools capabilities they have and the strategic plan they will
Successfully combining companies through merger or acquisition requires effective IT integration. A detailed understanding of the newly acquired IT assets
Naming products can be tricky. A name, at its best, clearly articulates the function of something and can even invoke
Over the last few years I’ve spent a fair bit of my time leading Empowered’s Monitoring Tools Assessment practice. In
I was talking with a senior engineer the other day who had recently attended some vendor provided courses for their
thumbnail image for netmri advisor pdf
Infoblox NetMRI Advisor automates this process to make sure your network is secure. By combining continuous updates of multi-vendor advisories
On the same week that we published our post about Google announcing general availability for its public DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
RFC 8484 defining DNS over HTTPS (DoH) has been around for a while with organizations such as CloudFlare already offering
So, it’s that time again, technology refresh. The obligatory replacement of technology that is moving out of vendor support. As
How Does Your Current NetMRI Environment Measure Up?  Knowing how your current NetMRI environment measures up is vital to the
DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) are critical services in any effective IT environment. Empowered’s DDI Assessment is a
poster image for Put NetMRI to Work for You video
Your business is growing and constantly changing. As the IT Organization, your internal and external customers want to know their
poster image for Empowered Customer Story: Utility Company video
The company has come together in its modern form through a series of mergers of smaller regional companies. The results
poster image for Empowered Customer Story: Food Products Company video
This food products company operates about 2500 facilities across the US from small distribution sites to large industrial sites. Empowered
poster image for Empowered Customer Story: Regional Health Care Provider video
This company operates three major hospitals and more than twenty clinic locations as well as other supporting businesses in the
poster image for Empowered Customer Story - Education video
Leading educational institution rolls out an IOS upgrade in record time Company Profile: This Big Ten public research university has
It is hard to argue that the people that know the most about what a service does and how it
Check out our latest customer story video - Leading educational institution rolls out an iOS upgrade in record time. Download
Let me admit the awful truth: I am a map geek.  I love maps.  I have maps of various types
Staying on top of the flood of new network device vulnerabilities is a huge part of addressing that challenge. NetMRI Advisor,
There’s a conversation that goes on all the time between Network Engineers and Security Analysts. The Information Security team will
I work with a lot of clients helping them to understand the monitoring capabilities that they have, how they are
Modalités et conditions générales pour les services
Modalités et conditions générales de vente
This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern orders placed by You for EmpoweredAdvisor and does not apply
How many times has this happened to you? You're out with IT friends after work and one of them mentions
You’re a network engineer at a large home goods retailer with stores from coast to coast.   You’re responsible for networks
Taking a moment to look back to when we started the company in 1998, the first thing I chuckle at
The nGenius® Collector 3300 is a high capacity appliance that collects Flow data, such as Cisco® NetFlow, IPFIX, Juniper® J-Flow,
The InfiniStream 4500 appliance supports high density 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit interfaces with support for 12TB storage and expandable
The InfiniStream 2900 appliance is a small footprint appliance with storage capacity of 12TB. The appliance supports 1 Gigabit and
The InfiniStream 1900 appliance is a small footprint appliance supporting 10/100/1000 and 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interfaces. This appliance supports
The quality of time on a network is based on the quality of time at the time server. It ensures
TimeProvider® 5000 is an IEEE 1588- 2008 standard–compliant grandmaster clock with a carrier-grade design that provides high client capacity, hardware-
The Windows W32Time service is not designed to provide the sub-millisecond accuracy that is required in many modern use cases.
This white paper describes a three-faceted timekeeping solution architecture—consisting of a timing master, timing slave, and time monitoring/auditing server— designed
Most enterprise networks today rely on network time servers that acquire time from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and
In this paper, we will look at why it's important for any network to keep its devices in sync and
As organizations and processes become even more highly synchronized, the importance of network timekeeping will only grow— and so will
Notice of Last Time Order and Manufacture Discontinuance of SyncServer S100/S200/S250/S300/S350 Series Time Servers
Microsemi makes it easy to configure the SyncServer S600/S650 to meet specific application needs and requirements with a variety of
FlexPortTM is an innovative technology that allows on-the-fly configuration of input/output (I/O) signal types such as IRIG time codes, pulse
Security-hardening is an ongoing process due to the constant publication of new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Microchip regularly evaluates
The SyncServer S600 Series network time servers are purposely built to deliver exact hardware based on Network Time Protocol (NTP)
The SyncServer S600 series implements real-time, hardware- based network packet processing in tandem with accurate hardware-based NTP timestamping, general packet
Tracking multiple GNSS satellites provides signal continuity/ availability with improved time accuracy, as there is a higher likelihood at least
A table comparing the features of SyncServer S80, SyncServer S600 and SyncServer S650.
The modular Microsemi SyncServer S650 combines the best of time and frequency instrumentation with unique flexibility and powerful network/ security-based
The security-hardened S600 network time server is purpose-built to deliver exact hardware-based Network Time Protocol (NTP) time stamps.
Advanced, Cost-effective Support for Flow, MIB-II and IP SLA-based Performance Management
nGeniusONE® Server is an optimized server hardware platform that is pre-integrated and configured with the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform software
The nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform provides an overarching view into the performance characteristics of all infrastructure and application components associated
Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection defends against the widest range of external and internal DNS-based threats such as volumetric attacks, NXDOMAIN,
Infoblox Threat Insight is a patented technology that detects and automatically blocks attempts to steal sensitive data via DNS without
The Trinzic appliance family offers a wide range of models that are designed to deliver the performance, capacity, and availability
Infoblox’s integrated DNS, DHCP, IPAM solution leverages patented Infoblox GridTM technology to provide highly available core network services.
Infoblox DNS Firewall is the leading DNS-based network security solution which effectively contains and controls malware communications and prevents data
Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection provides defense against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as DNS DDoS, exploits, NXDOMAIN, DNS
This handy survival guide illustrates how Infoblox can help you use network automation to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and prevent
This paper will highlight the common approaches to managing network configuration and change today, the capabilities and limitations of basic
Appliance platforms provide the key benefits of performance, reliability, resiliency and manageability in a network infrastructure deployment. Infoblox designs and
Vulnerabilities in network devices are the main entry point for those seeking access to your network and systems. Keeping intruders
EmpoweredAdvisorTM is an add-on service for existing NetMRI customers that provides a constantly- updated, curated feed of manufacturer security bulletin
Appliance platforms provide the key benefits of performance, reliability, resiliency and manageability in a network infrastructure deployment. Infoblox designs and
Atlas Services remote analysis reports provide the ongoing analysis that IT organizations need to support continuous improvement and adopt a
The ExtraHop platform makes sense of your data in flight so that defense agencies can more effectively ensure mission success.
The ExtraHop Healthcare Edition combines visibility into key technologies that matter to healthcare, supported healthcare-specific customizations, and remote analysis reports
ExtraHop eliminates the need for expensive integration across systems, and simplifies management by providing a solution that can correlate data
ExtraHop enables security teams to analyze wire data, which is data-in-motion. This new data source effectively brings together the application
SDN offers IT Operations the ability to respond rapidly to new requirements and even orchestrate automated changes. However, the increasing
This ESG Lab Validation documents our hands-on testing of the ExtraHop platform with the objective of assessing and highlighting key
All business transacts on the network and all technology communicates on the network. The ExtraHop platform transforms unstructured packets into
Long-time partner of Empowered, Rego Consulting, announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Empowered Networks’ Project and Portfolio Management
Visibility, at its simplest level, is the ability to instrument or observe an environment. This allows us to gain access
Monitoring is an interesting subject. You need to have it but it is rarely true that it represents core business.
Sanity: We in network operations desire it.  Crave it, really.  And it seems tricky to find sometimes in complex network
poster image for NetMRI for Security & Compliance Initiatives - Webinar Highlights video
Dave Signiori discusses Compliance Initiatives - covering both formal compliance mandates like PCI, FISMA, HIPPA, DISA and others, as well
poster image for TWIET interviews Dave Signori on Network Automation video
An excerpt from This Week in Enterprise Tech Episode 258 Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, host of This Week in Enterprise
poster image for EmpoweredAdvisor™ for NetMRI - 1 Minute Overview video
Take 1 minute to understand the key challenges in keeping large, complex networks secure with EmpoweredAdvisor™ for NetMRI. Determine which
Do your network tools keep up with what you plan to deploy? If not, you can run into all sorts
When you configure your network devices, the primary variables are the IP addresses and subnets you assign to it. Those variables
TWIET on Network Automation
“When you automate strongly, then you can automate the best practices…you no longer have to worry about that one admin
One of the main conversations that I have around Network Configuration & Compliance Management (NCCM) and NetMRI is the need
You’re in your regular leadership team meeting when the CIO turns to other business and announces “…and we have our
Infoblox recently presented a Webinar, Think Your Configs Are Compliant? Think Again, featuring Dave Signori of Infoblox. Dave discusses the
All too often, concepts such as Network Change and Configuration Management are treated as a “thing”, which translates to a
There are a lot of benefits to Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) not the least of which are visibility,
poster image for PPM US Embassy - Empowered's Approach - Jacob Cancelliere video
Empowered's Jacob Cancelliere, on Empowered's approach to tailoring and deploying CA PPM for individual customers. 1m15s - Our PPM Team
poster image for PPM US Embassy - Introductions & CA Doug Page video
Introductions, and opening remarks by CA's Doug Page 1m00s - Next Generation Project Management 4m00s - Enabling Digital Transformation 5m20s
poster image for PPM US Embassy CA PPM Demo video
Demo of CA PPM r15, by CA's Doug Page 1m00s - Project Overview Information 2m00s - Where Project Managers Spend
poster image for Solving Time Synchronization in Windows Networks video
W32Time doesn't provide accurate time. Learn how to fix it, and assure precise, secure and reliable time throughout your network.
poster image for Pragmatic Monitoring for the Application Economy video
Yesterday's monitoring tools can't embrace the complexity of today's environment. Pragmatic Monitoring can help you evolve your monitoring to address
poster image for Breaking the Cycle of Waste PPM Webinar video
To realize the value of a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system, you need to understand that processes, tools and culture
poster image for Managing Network Change - Automation Makes the Value Scale video
Part 2 of our Webinar Series focusing on the value of Network Configuration and Change Management (#NCCM) ... and the
poster image for Managing Network Change - Making it Real video
Part 1 of our Webinar Series focusing on the value of Network Configuration and Change Management (#NCCM) ... and examining
poster image for Ixia’s Visibility Architecture video
Learn more about Ixia’s Visibility Architecture that enables end-to-end visibility across the entire network, including mixed physical and virtual network
featured image for change is changing post
Do you know how all the stuff in your enterprise fits together to produce business results? Your ability to control
poster image for Leveraging Data-in-Motion with ExtraHop 9Dec2015 video
What's your vision for making the IT Services of tomorrow more manageable? Invest an hour to learn how your team
poster image for No solution for Lab Manager yet? You're not too late video
Webinar featuring panelists Stephen Galbraith and Matthew Dufresne.
poster image for Vulnerability Management - Making the Process Work video
What's your process for managing security vulnerabilities? A 100+ page report from your Vulnerability Scanner can be paralyzing for Operations.
poster image for Active Defense Strategies to Combat Modern Hackers Webinar Live Demo video
The strongest wall and most secure door can be defeated with a knock. One of your users will open the
poster image for Avoid configuration drift by automatically detecting and comparing changes to policies - Maintain continuous compliance with out-of-the-box templates and toolkits - Automate server and software provisioning in the datacenter dec 19 2011 video
Automate configuration management across virtual and physical servers, workstations, and desktops with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager. Increase efficiency by eliminating
poster image for Empowered Networks vCenter Operations Manager Live Demo video
Proactively ensure service levels, optimum resource usage and configuration compliance in dynamic virtual and cloud environments with VMware vCenter Operations.
poster image for Empowered Networks vCenter CapacityIQ Live Demo video
Utilize your datacenter or desktop capacity efficiently and cost-effectively. VMware vCenter CapacityIQ allows the right capacity to be delivered at
poster image for AppDynamics Introductory Demo video
An introductory overview and demo of Appdynamics, and Application Performance Management tool.