Integration with EmpoweredBridge™ – Making Good Data Great

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It’s no secret that Infoblox tooling, whether core services, security, or network automation, represents an important source of data about the network. While always useful, this same information moves from being good to great when shared with other parts of the business in a timely manner. Timely is the key word here. The traditional mechanism of sharing information via reports has a role but reports are a snapshot into the past. Much more value can be unlocked when we are able to take current information and leverage it in other parts of the organization, without human intervention, via integration.

In the modern world, products are no longer used in isolation. The ability to integrate tools and the data they contain into the larger operational ecosystem is now table stakes, a situation exemplified by the proliferation of APIs. How well a solution can be integrated into the customer’s environment is no longer a nice to have but can be the key differentiator that drives perceived value as well as hard ROI.

Infoblox provides good solutions to some of the integration challenges that exist today. Need to kick off activity in another system in response to a BloxOne Threat Defense indicator of compromise event? Security Ecosystem is there to help. Does the customer have a requirement for continuous offload of high volume filtered data such as DNS queries to a SIEM for additional analysis? Data Connector is your go-to solution.

But what happens for other situations? What about complex synchronization, business logic driven data transport, or bulk provisioning use cases that may require validation checks, dependency awareness, data evaluation, or approval workflows? The answer is often professional services and a custom solution. While the ends may be achieved, the mechanism is often a collection of bespoke scripts that are brittle and almost inevitably present future challenges for maintenance and supportability.

What if there was a solution that allowed for these complex workflows to be achieved with configuration rather than coding? A solution provided as a supported product rather than one -off scripts and custom work? An offering that continually evolved and improved its features and capabilities while maintaining compatibility with the latest Infoblox offerings and versions?

Enter EmpoweredBridge™. Utilizing a unique integration focused PaaS (Platform as a Service), Bridge enables Infoblox integration into the customer ecosystem for situations that Security Ecosystem and Data Connector alone do not address. Empowered Bridge offers the configurability, auditability, and maintainability that is too often missing in custom engagements and since it is delivered as a subscription, includes the support that modern operations groups demand.

Stay tuned for more information on how Infoblox and Empowered are partnering on this new offering. If you would like to schedule a quick call with an Empowered solution specialist to learn more or discuss some possible requirements please email me at