Infoblox NetMRI Official Hardware EOL Notification

Infoblox NetMRI hardware, which was introduced in March 2012, has been declared end-of-life. The NetMRI solution continues to be available on a virtual appliance hosted on VMware, KVM or RedHat OpenStack.

Key dates are as follows for the various appliance models:

Model #End of Contract RenewalEnd-of-LifeKB Article (Access to Infoblox Support Required)
NT-400031 January 202231 January 2023
NT-220030 April 202230 April 2023
NT-140030 April 202230 April 2023

Infoblox end-of-life policy: The date when Infoblox will cease limited support for a major or minor software version release and all maintenance and engineering for a hardware platform or software product ceases.

What to do if your NetMRI hardware appliances are end-of-life?

Our top tier, Platinum BuildingBLOX partner, Empowered Networks, has developed a comprehensive NetMRI migration program to help you move from hardware to next-generation virtual appliances quickly and safely.

Download “Infoblox NetMRI Official Hardware EOL Notification”

Services include:

  • Share details on the hardware/compute required
  • Initiate the upgrade to latest software
  • Set up the VM
  • Ensure correct operation
  • Migrate configuration to VM
  • Monitor for correct operation

Contact Empowered Networks or to learn more.