Infoblox NetMRI IT Service Management Integration Adapter

Does reconciliation of your network CMDB configuration items and the real-world network devices they represent require a high level of manual effort? Do you have low confidence in your CMDB data and their related ITSM workflows?

In many organizations, modules within ServiceNow and other ITSM systems, frequently link back to the CMDB, allowing for the auditability of devices through their entire lifecycle. Often, however, CMDB’s are incomplete and stale, resulting in low confidence. In turn, significant time and effort of specialized resources is often dedicated to reconciling and normalizing CMDB data to ensure its accuracy. Separate teams then provide flat file data to further burden these specialists with more manual effort. As a result, related ITSM workflows and policies suffer.

Join Empowered Networks’ own Adam Fox for an on-demand introduction and Micro Demo of Empowered Networks’ NetMRI to ITSM adapter and learn how this pre-designed solution automates synchronization between NetMRI, as a source of truth of the network, to the CMDB, as a source of record, while supporting customer specific data fields and business rules.