E4 Methodology

E4 Methodology: Envision, Enhance, Endorse, Execute

Empowered’s E4 Methodology is how we do things, what we believe in, and also what makes us unique.


We work closely with our customers to understand their business and operational needs, not just to push the latest gadget. Our EmpoweredAssessment services provide a deeper dive into current state and make detailed, actionable recommendations based on our years of specialized industry experience.


We believe in leveraging existing assets and processes where possible. We’ll recommend Open Source alternatives where they fit, and leading commercial tools where they are justified. We provide custom scripting for specific needs and our developers fill-in the gaps to ensure complete solutions.


We’re nimble, we’re responsive, and we don’t bait and switch.  The Empowered professionals that you deal with are the ones who work with you throughout an engagement and beyond. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations every time.


We are big believers in long-term relationships.  We want you to get a big ROI on your investments with Empowered, and also get value over the long run. Our EmpoweredCare services provide ongoing and on-the-ground support where you need to supplement your team with highly specialized resources.