SynCan 2017

Wednesday May 17th, 2017
One King West, Toronto

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SynCan 2017 is the Canadian Synchronization Users' Meeting, presented Wednesday May 17th, 2017 at One King West in downtown Toronto.

  • SynCan 2017 is the event in Canada to learn more about Sync, and how it impacts the experience delivered to your customers
  • Each year, SynCan attracts key representatives from Canada's leading Telecom, Wireless, Cable and Utility Companies
  • SynCan 2017 features key thought leaders in Sync.

Join us to learn why Canada's leading experts in Sync keep coming back to SynCan!


SynCan features key players and thought leaders in Time, Frequency and Phase Synchronization.

  • Empowered's Ken Bourne will be your host and MC for SynCan.
  • Key players from Microsemi and Empowered will be there.
  • We'll confirm the topics and speakers closer to the date.

User presentations are always welcome! To propose a session, please send us a quick message.

Curriculum for SynCan 2017:

Our curriculum for SynCan 2017 will include:

  • The latest on Sync for evolving 5G Networks, and Small Cells
  • Design & Implementation Guidelines for PTP (IEEE 1588) for Phase Synchronization
  • Updates on the Integrated Grand Master solutions, for Indoor & Outdoor Small Cells
  • New updates and functionality for SyncServer 600/650
  • Mitigating GPS Vulnerabilities, and Cybersecurity Concerns
  • Evolving requirements for Monitoring Synchronization Performance
  • New Regulatory Requirements for Timing for the Financial Trading
  • Microsemi's Product Strategies for 2017
Wednesday, May 17th
9:00am - 5:00pm (Eastern)
One King West, Toronto
A Group Dinner will follow


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SynCan is made possible by
Microsemi and Empowered:


Microsemi Corporation is the world's leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions. We serve communications, enterprise IT, power utilities, financial services, aerospace, defense, and national labs. In collaboration with international standards groups, we help set the world's timekeeping standards. For more information, visit


Empowered Networks® is Microsemi's exclusive partner for Timing & Synchronization in Canada. Empowered's team has unique skills and real-world experience in synchronization, with a track record of success in providing turn-key implementation services to major service providers. We offer a range of specialized network synchronization professional services and solutions, including network audits, consulting, sync network design, packaged and custom training, and turn-key installation. We also provide first and second-level support through our Customer Support Centre, and bring unparalleled value to Microsemi customers in Canada.


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