Managing Network Change - View Now

Managing Network Change - View Now

Managing Network Change:
On-Demand Webinar Series


Demands on Network Operations—new business & compliance requirements, growing complexity, responding to mergers & acquisitions—are evolving rapidly. The future belongs to those who can embrace change to enable innovation. Change has become an integral part of operations, to be measured and optimized - not the exception, to be avoided.

This webinar series explores Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) as a toolset for discovering your network, collecting device configurations, detecting compliance violations, and diagnosing hidden problems, and how NCCM enables automation, which scales the value of your activities.

Part 1 of the series examines how NCCM can enable your team:

  • Recognize the 5 ways that manual changes are holding you back
  • Tame network complexity through inventory discovery - especially for new acquisitions
  • Improve security & optimize compliance by controlling device configurations

Part 2 of the series dives into why, and how, your team can:

  • Avoid the legacy pitfalls of network change automation
  • Automate routine changes to your network, with auditing & precision
  • Identify and correct configuration issues in real time, to improve security
  • Integrate network change automation into your larger provisioning processes

This informative session was lead by Lou Nardo of Infoblox and Michael Ell of Empowered.


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Our Partner for Managing Network Change


Infoblox offers a powerful network automation platform which enables discovery, switch port management, network change configuration and compliance management for multi-vendor network devices. NetMRI's functionality and ease of use in detecting and analyzing network change, and in securely automating workflows and remediation contributes immense value.

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