Empowered Networks’ Portfolio Management Line Acquired by Rego Consulting

Rego Consulting - PPM ExpertsLong-time partner of Empowered, Rego Consulting, announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Empowered Networks’ Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) practice area.

The move represents a significant milestone for Rego, in their strategy of guiding users through the portfolio space, and for Empowered, in focusing on its core solution offerings in monitoring, management and security. Empowered’s PPM clients will continue to receive fully-integrated solutions to solve real portfolio problems.

“Effective PPM drives productivity and innovation across every industry,” said Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting. “This deal allows both companies to offer more strategic support within our respective strong-holds.”

“Rego and Empowered have more than a five-year history of working together to help businesses support optimal blends of strategic and tactical goals” said Brian Hepburn, Empowered Networks’ CEO. “We are delighted to be taking this step forward in our relationship so that both companies can continue to expand our core solution offerings. Our customers will benefit from this increased focus and specialization.”

The acquisition was unanimously approved by both Boards of Directors and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of Rego’s fiscal 2017.

For more details, see the press release:
Rego Consulting Acquires Empowered Networks’ Portfolio Management Line

UPDATED, April 3, 2018:

It’s been an exciting, positive change for all concerned.  Our teams have worked jointly to ensure Empowered’s PPM clients continue to receive fully-integrated solutions to solve real portfolio problems, and to fulfill existing procurement arrangements with the same named resources and services via approved arrangements with Rego Consulting.

As part of this change, we have revised our website empowerednetworks.com to phase out content on PPM, and related topics.

Our PPM customers & contacts are encouraged to subscribe to Rego Consulting to receive their robust thought-leadership content, free PPM solutions, and educational offers, like RegoUniversity.

We thank you for being a customer, and look forward to our next opportunity to connect.