Empowered is 20!

Taking a moment to look back to when we started the company in 1998, the first thing I chuckle at is “wow, I was only 34 then!”.  That was probably a good thing as I was enthusiastic and confident that we could do this.  In other words “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” which is sometimes a good thing.  Fortunately my 2 founding partners (Glen Emo and Gary Mollon) were early 50’s and early 40’s at the time and not only brought more experience to the table but different experience.  I knew we should do this, they knew how to do this.

In 1998, the world was on a rocket ride with technology, specifically in IT and networks, that’s why we have “Networks” in our name.  Buzzwords like IP, VoIP, Fibre, Internetworking, and SONET were in vogue.  Fast forward to 2018 and the world is still on a technology rocket ride and IT and networks are still in the middle of the innovation, just with a different set of buzzwords like cloud, wireless, DevOps, SaaS,  and Agile development.

We are extremely fortunate that we picked a niche that continues in relevance, possibly more so as the years go by.  We help companies effectively monitor, manage, and secure these magical  and constantly evolving IT environments and networks that enable all commerce, and connect us to the world.  It’s fun helping leading enterprises gain control and visibility on the rocket while it’s in flight and accelerating.

Escape rooms, which have become hugely  successful in the last few years form an interesting parallel to running a successful company or team.  A group of people, working together, can figure out a myriad of complex problems and puzzles and beat the clock – but only if they follow a few basic fundamentals.  I saw an interesting article in the “Escape Time” newsletter that said the 5 keys to getting out of an Escape room are Communication, Observation, Teamwork, Be Polite, and Don’t overthink things!  Forget some or all of these keys and you’ll be in there all night!

I’m so grateful we’re in a business that continues to change and evolve and grow in relevance every day.  Looking around I’m more grateful for the diverse team of professionals here at Empowered, who all bring different perspectives, different experiences, and different ways of solving problems creatively…all with a unified mission of helping our customers succeed.  Here’s to the next 20 years.  Check out our updated website and logo at www.empowerednetworks.com.