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Domain Name System (DNS)

With Infoblox DNS, you can centrally manage and automate crucial aspects of DNS on a reliable platform, the Infoblox Grid™, to deliver the high availability, efficiency, security, and application response times a competitive, globally connected business requires.

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Deliver 5 9s uptime via high availability, disaster recovery, and Anycast DNS mechanisms. Deploy in any environment—physical, virtual and hybrid cloud—and scale elastically. Slash operating costs by managing DNS, DHCP, and IPAM through a single, cohesive console. Automated workflows and templates deliver agility and simplify management.

Secure your network against DDoS, malware, and botnets. Prevent data exfiltration via DNS, the number one target for cyberattacks Instantly block malicious activity at the control point for devices, whether on the premises or off. Quickly detect anomalies, flag suspect devices and applications and predict threats.

Accelerate response times for globally distributed applications. Route application traffic to the most optimal servers in your network, and away from unavailable servers or data centers to active ones. Reduce operational inefficiencies that can adversely affect responsiveness.

Infoblox NIOS™ software is at the heart of all Infoblox physical and virtual appliances. NIOS is the security-hardened, real-time foundation for nonstop core network services, that automates the error-prone and time-consuming manual tasks of deploying and managing DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM).


Infoblox Grid™ is a unique and patented high-availability technology that provides a distributed relationship between peer and paired appliances to provide resilient network services, failover, recovery, and seamless maintenance, and remove single points of failure and other operational risks.

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