COVID-19 Statement and Support for your Distributed Workforce

Governments, citizens and corporations across the globe have been placed under enormous pressure due to the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, we at Empowered have managed to make the shift to WFH (Work from Home) with relative ease. The continued support of our customers has been unaffected, and our solutions are playing an instrumental role in maintaining security while supporting the rapidly evolving network use cases and architectures. Empowered’s Services team is poised and ready to provide you with professional services remotely, so we can ensure customers receive the timely support they need.

Please consider these critical areas as you begin to safeguard your newly distributed workforce:

Fortify cloud access
Employees working from home are able to connect directly to business-critical applications that run in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365 and SFDC. Remote workers, however, do not have access to the headquarters on-premises security safeguards. Unfortunately, cloud platform providers are unable to secure application access sufficiently.

Empowered can assist you by:

  • Extending headquarters protection to remote employees
  • Detecting and blocking Internet and cloud connectivity specific malware

Protect corporate data
WFH staff are required to interact with corporate data to complete their work. But, as workers move beyond the traditional network perimeter, preventing data theft becomes more difficult. Additionally, home-based workers connect using a range of devices, making it harder still to track in the cloud.

Our solutions will enable you to:

  • Automatically arrest data exfiltration attempts
  • Identify in real-time the security state of all devices across your entire network

Protect employees from bad destinations
Malicious actors are an unfortunate reality for us all. They are exploiting the popularity of teleworking to launch new attacks. The use of sophisticated phishing campaigns and fake domain names is on the rise, and with it comes the added risk of your employees accidentally clicking on a bad link.

We can help you by:

  • Preventing employees from accessing malicious web destinations automatically
  • Restrict access to specific web content not in compliance with company policy by using content filtering

Make early detection and threat intelligence your advantage
Cyberattacks move at an incredible speed. Such was the case long before we began working from home. The key is and always has been early detection combined with access to accurate, curated threat intelligence that can anticipate an impending attack.

We can help you by:

  • Detecting security events in your network anywhere in the world the moment they happen
  • Ending threats faster by automatically sharing event information across all of your security tools

To find out more about how we, along with our partner Infoblox, help protect your remote workforce. 
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Special BloxOne™ Threat Defense Offer
Together, with our partner Infoblox, Empowered understands this is a challenging time for our customers. Regrettably, many of the cybersecurity technologies that thrive within your enterprise facilities are unable to protect work-from-home employees. We are providing a no-cost 90-day trial of BloxOne™ Threat Defense, along with professional services assistance from Empowered to help you better protect your workforce starting immediately.

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WFH Made Easy – Special NetMRI offer
The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis, and companies across the planet are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health of their employees. Many employers, in an effort to prevent the spread of 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) to vulnerable populations, are implementing work from home (“WFH”) or telecommuting policies in response to health organizations’ social distancing recommendations. Policies that may present challenges to day-to-day operations.

For instance, one such challenge may be securing and remotely managing network infrastructure. Several of our customers have informed us that implementing dramatic changes such as a company-wide WFH policy could place business continuity plans under incredible strain. Most enterprises network equipment like routers and switches can only be accessed by authorized staff from authorized networks, thus they are secured and locked down. A sudden work-from-home shift will mean the right people now need to make changes to these devices from wherever they connect to the internet.

Under these circumstances, companies must ensure their network remain running and continue to make changes in a way that is secure and organized. Infoblox’s Network Change Configuration Management (NCCM) solution, NetMRI®, assists many customers by providing them with the visibility and central control they require. Companies can maintain network operations while rolling out any changes at scale. NetMRI offers networking teams a single interface to manage each infrastructure device in a centralized way. With NetMRI, you will not be dependent on dedicated VPN connections to out-of-band networks. Once NetMRI has been deployed, companies will be able to quickly integrate it into any kind of topology. Furthermore, as it is a vendor-agnostic platform, they get out of the box support for “74 different vendors” as well as “VRF.”

If you want immediate disaster recovery capabilities, then deploy NetMRI. It will back-up any device configuration in your network and store it in a secure, dedicated location. With the single click of a button, NetMRI allows you to effortlessly restore to a previous configuration version.

Additionally, NetMRI can also be used as a jump host (aka bastion), allowing you to SSH into the appliance and from there connect to any network element the user is authorized to access. NetMRI will keep track of any changes, providing you with detailed information about who made what change and where; invaluable information to have when troubleshooting the latest change or bug that took down a service. You will be able to automate and launch changes with more efficiency than ever before by leveraging the built-in scripting engine.

Empowered, along with our partner Infoblox, would like to reiterate that we are fully aware this is a challenging time for our customers. We are striving to support their efforts to protect the health and safety of their employees and communities alike. Effective immediately, you can obtain a subscription license for NetMRI to manage up to 200 network devices for free – for up to 1 year. All you need is a VMware, OpenStack, or KVM system on which to deploy the NetMRI virtual appliance. Empowered will even provide complementary professional services to assist you in getting up and running as fast as possible.

Visit our trial registration page to take advantage of this offer.

Infoblox recently published the NetMRI on KVM deployment guide so you can deploy NetMRI on any spare hardware you have around. For more detailed instructions, check out the Infoblox Documentation page.


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