Control and Secure Your Network with NetMRI and NetMRI Advisor

You’re a network engineer at a large home goods retailer with stores from coast to coast.   You’re responsible for networks that cover your more than two thousand stores from Mexico to Canada and everywhere in between.  You take care of networking for a collection of regional distribution centres, and for headquarters and regional offices around the country.  You are also accountable for network interconnections to various suppliers and vendors that provide products or services for your company.

And as you’re working through your normal day of urgent meetings, panic emails and a to do list a mile long, you get the call: There’s been a spearphishing attack on your company and some user credentials have gotten out over your network.

Suddenly, from a standing start you’re on the hook to ensure the leaked credentials can’t impact the safety and security of the very large and intricate machine that is your network, and you need to help your colleagues in Information Security assess the damage and respond to the CEO, the CRO and the CMO and their urgent demands for news they can use to protect the brand and the business.

Some companies are fortunate enough to never be the target of cyber-attacks, but that list is quickly dwindling.  For most of us in Network Engineering and Operations, this sort of thing is just another Tuesday.

In a day and age where unsophisticated criminals can buy a cyber-attack as easily as ordering a pizza online, it’s essential that the network engineer has three capabilities at their disposal:

  • A complete, detailed and up to date collection of all their network device inventory
  • A reliable repository of device configurations that show the changes that have occurred over time
  • A mechanism to rapidly assess and remediate configuration gaps to close exploited paths of attack.

At Empowered Networks, we work with some of the largest retailers in the U.S. to help manage and protect their networks.  We use Infoblox NetMRI and NetMRI Advisor, a leading Network Change and Configuration Management platform to help customers control and secure their infrastructure.  With its continuous deep discovery of network devices, its ability to continuously evaluate network security compliance and a comprehensive change automation and templating system, NetMRI is a key component of the cyber kill chain.

NetMRI and NetMRI Advisor proactively evaluates the network for known security issues and can then automate both mitigation and corrective actions including the automated delivery of new network device software.  NetMRI helps make your network more secure as well as reducing administrative effort and providing superior visibility of changes in the network configuration.