Configuring Your Network Devices with Infoblox DDI

network-devices-nccm-integrated-with-ddiWhen you configure your network devices, the primary variables are the IP addresses and subnets you assign to it. Those variables impact your defined network security zones, and how data flows through “controlled network” zones, where compliance matters.

Here are some advantages to integrating these functions:

  • Network Discovery can enhance management & tracking of IP Addresses. NetMRI discovers physical and virtual networks and their connected devices, and maps that to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets, an in turn, to interfaces, switch ports and parameters like status, speeds, VLAN membership and more.
  • When you integrate IPAM with network device configuration, Network Security Zones are much easier to implement, automate and enforce. Use IPAM to define policy, and leverage corresponding parameters in automation scripts.
  • When rolling out new network devices, is initial configuration a manual task?  With NetMRI and DDI, you can map the MACs of new devices to a baseline configuration, and dynamically provision the specifics of that site/network.
  • When a security incident occurs, can your security team quickly learn context?
    IPAM & DHCP data can add network connectivity and security policy context, helping you assess, isolate and remediate rogue or infected devices faster.

With Infoblox DDI you can take the consolidation and orchestration of your device integration to an entirely new level. Book a demo today to find out how.