Release Faster, Automate DevOps
& Transform your Business

Enable Lab-as-a-Service and deliver cloud infrastructure
to Dev, Test and Ops Teams with Quali Cloud Sandboxes 

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Automated Provisioning of diverse IT Environments

On-demand, self-service replicas of production environments

Configure Simple or "Full-Stack" Environments, including
Network, Storage, Compute, Applications & Data

Include automated Test Suites, Ops Tools and more

Synchronize environments to current production configurations

Deploy on any mix of physical, virtual and public Clouds

Support for AWS, Azure, VMware, OpenStack & more

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Quickly and Easily model complex Environments

Self-Service Resource Reservation, with flexible Policy Controls

Reserve, spin up, execute, tear down & release complex environments with powerful, repeatable Orchestration

Snapshot and Replicate Production Configurations

Enable 24/7 unattended environments for distributed testing teams

Detailed Usage Tracking & Auditing

Quantify the real costs of your status quo, savings, impacts and ROI

BI analysis tools, for resource use, bottlenecks and capacity planning

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Who Benefits from Cloud Sandboxes?

  • IT and Cloud architects driving architectural transformation
  • DevOps teams driving continuous testing and faster releases
  • Security professionals building cyber ranges for Training
  • Firewall and IDS Validation and Vendor Qualification
  • Infrastructure teams driving automation and agility
  • QA & Support teams who need to replicate production

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Align Lab Investments with Business Drivers

Drive more testing projects through your labs, concurrently

Eliminate manual tasks, minimize errors & troubleshooting

Share expensive assets across multiple labs and groups

Track resource utilization, enable cost allocation, chargeback

Enable portable, reusable test objects, shared across groups

Automate physical layer connectivity, power management and remote access in the lab and datacenter

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Leverage Empowered's Years of Experience

We can provide the help you need:

  • Assess the testing assets and processes you have in place
  • Understand and quantify the real costs of your the status quo
  • Quantify the savings, process impacts and ROI you could achieve
  • Define & Automate repeatable, extensible test plans
  • Integrate with the right solutions for your priority needs & budget
  • Support you all the way, with training, scripting support and the integration help you need to get started, and achieve your goals

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Deliver releases faster, automate DevOps and transform your business

Quali’s Cloud Sandbox Software allows you to create and publish sandboxes that are replicas of infrastructure and application configurations and use them for development, testing, demos, training and support.

Empowered knows Lab Testing

  • 18+ years of experience and customer relationships working with leading
    Network Vendors, Service Providers, Enterprise & Government
  • Deep experience in Lab & Test Automation solutions at any scale
  • Professional Services include: Lab Process Designs, System Integration,
    Automation & Scripting, Training and on-site EmpoweredCare Support
  • Advanced certifications in sales & professional services
  • Long list of reference accounts throughout North America

We've earned the experience and credentials to help you meet your Lab Testing challenges.

qualiQuali is the leading provider of Cloud Sandboxes for automating the DevOps lifecycle. We give innovators control over their world by enabling them to create personalized replicas of complex production environments. The Global 100 depend on Quali to help them deliver their products and services faster to market with better quality. Led by an experienced management team, employing a cutting-edge R&D team, and backed by world-class investors, Quali is devoted to delighting its customers and empowering lasting DevOps automation success.


Key Capabilities of Quali CloudShell

Deliver releases faster, automate DevOps and transform your business

Quali’s Cloud Sandbox Software enables these essential capabilities:

Full Stack Blueprint Modeling

Quickly and easily model complex application and infrastructure blueprints. Drag and drop components from a template library to model everything from virtual, cloud, application, or physical components like a network switch, a storage array, or a full application.

Self Service Blueprint Catalog

CloudShell’s web based, self-service catalog allows users to deploy sandbox blueprints from anywhere at any time. Multiple data center or lab sites can be federated and accessed via a single cloud based portal. This catalog can also be tailored to multiple organization or partners providing a true multi-tenant environment.

App Templating & Deployment

CloudShell’s App Template framework allows extensible configuration management options for application deployment automation. With full support for Python and Ansible, as well as other tools like Chef and Puppet, CloudShell allows you to leverage your existing configuration management framework.

Powerful Sandbox Orchestration

Built in orchestration allows automated setup and teardown of sandbox environments. Whether it’s spinning up a VM, loading firmware on a device, running health checks, or deploying an application, CloudShell dramatically reduces the time to provision and de-provision full end-to-end environments.

Network Orchestration

CloudShell automates physical layer connectivity with support for major L1 vendors. It also supports networking between physical and virtual resources using a L2 fabric and VLAN allocation. Manage public cloud network allocation as well, with sandbox isolation in a multi-tenant and scalable configuration.

Orchestrate Hybrid Cloud

CloudShell supports both on premise and public cloud deployments, bringing forward the benefits of hybrid clouds through sandboxes. CloudShell supports vCenter, AWS, OpenStack, and Azure as well as others via our Developer Community

On-Demand Deployment

Quali’s sandbox software manages the orchestration and scoping of the sandbox lifecycle across all the stages of a CI/CD pipeline. Release automation and CI tools like Jenkins Pipeline allows running a pipeline stage against a full infrastructure sandbox rather than a single node.

Maintain Deployment State

CloudShell sandboxes represent the active state of a deployed blueprint. Orchestration workflows allow snapshotting, restoring, and performing monitoring and health checks on sandbox resources.

Visibility and Analytics

Extensive sandbox analytics and web-based dashboards gives you full visibility into labs and data centers. Advanced analytics allows you to optimize use of infrastructure and cloud resources, perform better resource planning, see power costs, and deliver chargeback/showback reports.

Workflow Scheduling

Schedule and queue test automation and workflows. These can then be consolidated into jobs, associated to a Blueprint, and scheduled on demand as resources in the blueprint become available.

Custom Workflows

CloudShell’s visual orchestration authoring tool and native support for Python allows both developers and non-programmers the ability to extend CloudShell’s built in orchestration and create powerful sandbox orchestration workflows.

Conflict Resolution

CloudShell provides the ability to reserve physical devices and manage conflicts as needed. If a resource is not available for the scheduled reservation, the next available date is automatically suggested.


Based on a distributed execution server architecture, CloudShell provides a way to optimize performance of automation in large geographically distributed labs and datacenters. It also provides a means to securely manage infrastructure deployment.

Power Control

Quali provides automated power control of physical devices by controlling the specific ports connected to a PDU. This enables significant cost savings and power efficiencies. CloudShell supports the major PDU vendors out of the box.

Live & Interactive

Get live access to the console of any sandbox resource using a secure web proxy, SSH, RDP, Telnet or a simple web console.

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