Think your Configs are Compliant? Think Again


Infoblox recently presented a Webinar, Think Your Configs Are Compliant? Think Again, featuring Dave Signori of Infoblox. Dave discusses the complex compliance landscape including mandatory external regulations like PCI, DISA and others… as well as internal security and operational policies… and the challenge of ensuring that network device configurations stay compliant, over time. Learn how Infoblox NetMRI addresses these challenges, and more.

We’ve captured the highlights in a brief video you shouldn’t miss.

Watch Now To view the webinar highlights


Think Your Configs Are Compliant? Think Again.

Most network configurations do not comply with standards and regulations. Many do not come close. Configurations drift over time. Changes happen on top of changes. And engineers come and go.

Actively tracking network reality against mandated ideals is hard to do. Configurations are contingent on how devices are used and how they connect. And compliance checking takes so much time that it usually is not done until an audit is imminent.

Hard to do but not impossible.

View this on-demand webinar now to learn how Infoblox NetMRI enables you to:

  • Define complex policy requirements quickly
  • Test and audit CONTINUOUSLY
  • Automatically track progress, troubleshoot problems, and remediate violations
  • Report the proof of your network compliance


Watch Now To view the webinar highlights


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