Visit QualiSystems at CiscoLive! Booth #416

qualisystemsAttending Cisco Live?  Visit QualiSystems at booth #416 to see what’s powering Cisco’s DevNet.

Not attending? Download this brief on How CloudShell powers Cisco DevNet sandbox cloud labs, providing easy self-service to a variety of Cisco products to enable the global Cisco Developer community.

For more on QualiSystems and CloudShell, visit our page on Cloud Sandboxes, or contact Empowered.



SynCan 2017 – Registrations Now Open

SynCan 2017, our annual Canadian Synchronization Users’ Meeting, was very well-attended!

SynCan 2017 is the event in Canada to learn more about Sync, and how it impacts the experience delivered to your customers.  Each year, SynCan attracts key representatives from Canada’s leading players in Telecom, Wireless, Cable and Utilities.

This year’s event took place on Wednesday May 17th, 2017, at One King West, in downtown Toronto.

For details, and to register for access to the presentations, visit our SynCan 2017 Overview Page.

Register Now To access the archives for SynCan 2017.

Enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock (ePRTC)

Microsemi’s new TimeSource Enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock (ePRTC) solution, based on ITU-T G.8272.1, is a highly accurate, reliable and autonomous source of time, frequency and phase synchronization, regardless of the availability of GNSS.

This brief video discusses the concepts around the PRTC, GNSS Vulnerability, and the benefits of ITU-T G.8272.1, the ePRTC.  It features Greg Wolff of Microsemi, recorded at the ePRTC product launch at the ITSF conference in Prague.

Download Whitepaper on ePRTC as a solution to GNSS Vulnerability

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Updated: TimePictra 10.6

microsemi timepictra screenshotMicrosemi recently released TimePictra 10.6 with complete support for the Integrated GNSS master solutions, known as the IGM 1100 series. The updated software include:

  • IGM Support: Auto discovery, Full FCAPS support, and standalone AGNSS proxy support
  • Auto Creation of Radius Users, using the Radius Microsemi Dictionary
  • Phase (tie) Plots of SSU2000 inputs
  • Security enhancements including customizable password complexity

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Why Compliance Auditing and Reporting demands Automation’re in your regular leadership team meeting when the CIO turns to other business and announces “…and we have our regular annual PCI Audit coming up in three weeks so let’s make sure we’re all ready for it…”

Did the CIO see that involuntary twitch cross your face?

Is that binder of PCI findings from the last audit still sitting on your desk?  Have you closed all the items? Has the virtualization project your team has been working on somehow impacted PCI compliance? When you acquired that competing firm in another part of the country, were they ready for a PCI Audit?

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Application Portfolio Management: Why You Need It

APM Webinar - Register NowDoes your organization want to implement Application Portfolio Management? Are you trying to determine the value in implementing APM? Are you struggling to know what tool you should use and what data is important to collect?

Please join Empowered’s Mark Feher and Rego Consulting’s Jen Scarlato for Application Portfolio Management: Why You Need It, presented live on April 12th at 4pm EDT / 1pm PDT, via BrightTalk and CA.

To register for this CA BrightTalk session, click Register Now and then click “Attend”. You’ll be prompted to Join BrightTalk, or Login to your BrightTalk account.

Register Now To attend live Wednesday April 12th, at 4pm EDT / 1pm PDT

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Think your Configs are Compliant? Think Again


Infoblox recently presented a Webinar, Think Your Configs Are Compliant? Think Again, featuring Dave Signori of Infoblox. Dave discusses the complex compliance landscape including mandatory external regulations like PCI, DISA and others… as well as internal security and operational policies… and the challenge of ensuring that network device configurations stay compliant, over time. Learn how Infoblox NetMRI addresses these challenges, and more.

We’ve captured the highlights in a brief video you shouldn’t miss.

Watch Now To view the webinar highlights
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On-Demand Webinar – Keeping IT Real with Moogsoft

moog-1000wMoogsoft recently presented a webinar, Keeping IT Real: Cutting Through the BS to Create a Real Digital Enterprise, featuring Intellyx Principal Analyst Charles Araujo, that discussed in-depth the right mixture of new technologies, new approaches, and new skills that IT teams need to get a competitive edge in a rapidly transforming world.

Watch Now To view the webinar, recorded Thursday, December 8th

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Watch Your Timing! Best Practices for NTP Time Synchronization

Accurate, reliable and secure time has become essential to many types of systems, applications, and key services considered part of today’s enterprise networks.  Here’s a primer on Time Synchronization, and best practices for keeping time accurate, reliable and secure.

If you haven’t considered your needs for Time Synchronization, or updated your approach, this post highlights some best practices, key considerations and prudent steps to consider.

Why is Time Synchronization so important?

  • For any Enterprise, time synchronization keeps Active Directory, authentication, network security services, backups, log files and audit trails in synch across different systems, for troubleshooting, auditing, and forensics.
  • In E-commerce, having “protected” time sources, and accurate timestamps referenced to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) is a compliance requirement. Key regulatory regimes, like PCI DSS 3.0 Section 10.4, SEC Rule 613 and FINRA OATS Rule 7430, have all tightened requirements for time synchronization over the last several years.
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