Empowered Networks’ Portfolio Management Line Acquired by Rego Consulting

Rego Consulting - PPM ExpertsLong-time partner of Empowered, Rego Consulting, announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Empowered Networks’ Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) practice area.

The move represents a significant milestone for Rego, in their strategy of guiding users through the portfolio space, and for Empowered, in focusing on its core solution offerings in monitoring, management and security. Empowered’s PPM clients will continue to receive fully-integrated solutions to solve real portfolio problems.Continue Reading » » »

The 5 Dangers of Poor Network Timekeeping

We know there are issues getting NTP Timing from the Internet. These are the five key risks associated with taking time from the public internet:

  1. Operations Failure
  2. Data Loss
  3. Security Holes
  4. Potential Legal Liability
  5. Loss of Credibility

This White Paper details these 5 risks, and what you can do to remediate them.

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Leveraging Wire Data Visibility for Monitoring

Visibility, at its simplest level, is the ability to instrument or observe an environment. This allows us to gain access to data which describes its state and performance characteristics. You can describe monitoring as the use of this data to identify situations of interest. From there you can then drive operational and business processes to address them. In essence, visibility and monitoring answer the question of how an environment is performing.

Traditionally, the focus of visibility and monitoring has been on the individual elements that make up the environment. The assumption is that these collections of data will somehow synthesize into an integrated view. This is rarely, if ever, achieved. Continue Reading » » »

4 Reasons to Assess Your Monitoring Strategy and 1 Reason To Not

Monitoring is an interesting subject. You need to have it but it is rarely true that it represents core business. For many organizations, it is just another cost of doing business. As a result, it doesn’t always get the focus that it should have. This is despite the level of inefficiency that can result if you’re doing it wrong. A scant few years ago, this used to be not such a big issue. Things were simpler, more straight forward, and, let’s be honest, a whole lot slower.

But the world is changing and it’s time to consider whether your monitoring strategy and implementation can cope with it.

Here are 4 reasons you should have a assess your monitoring strategy, and 1 reason you shouldn’t.Continue Reading » » »