Think your Configs are Compliant? Think Again


Infoblox recently presented a Webinar, Think Your Configs Are Compliant? Think Again, featuring Dave Signori of Infoblox. Dave discusses the complex compliance landscape including mandatory external regulations like PCI, DISA and others… as well as internal security and operational policies… and the challenge of ensuring that network device configurations stay compliant, over time. Learn how Infoblox NetMRI addresses these challenges, and more.

We’ve captured the highlights in a brief video you shouldn’t miss.

Watch Now To view the webinar highlights
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Watch Your Timing! Best Practices for NTP Time Synchronization

Accurate, reliable and secure time has become essential to many types of systems, applications, and key services considered part of today’s enterprise networks.  Here’s a primer on Time Synchronization, and best practices for keeping time accurate, reliable and secure.

If you haven’t considered your needs for Time Synchronization, or updated your approach, this post highlights some best practices, key considerations and prudent steps to consider.

Why is Time Synchronization so important?

  • For any Enterprise, time synchronization keeps Active Directory, authentication, network security services, backups, log files and audit trails in synch across different systems, for troubleshooting, auditing, and forensics.
  • In E-commerce, having “protected” time sources, and accurate timestamps referenced to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) is a compliance requirement. Key regulatory regimes, like PCI DSS 3.0 Section 10.4, SEC Rule 613 and FINRA OATS Rule 7430, have all tightened requirements for time synchronization over the last several years.
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Pragmatic Monitoring for the Application Economy – On-Demand

headerOur latest seminar event, Pragmatic Monitoring for the Application Economy featured Empowered’s Michael Ell on how to modernize your IT, Application, Service and Security Monitoring capabilities to support tomorrow’s Application Economy, and evolving yesterday’s NOC to address tomorrow’s requirements, with application and service-level monitoring, integration of security, and focus on business impact.  The content is now available on-demand. Expand this post for More » » »

Network Change and Configuration Management – A process, not a thing…

6095265888_4cf678d2b0_bAll too often, concepts such as Network Change and Configuration Management are treated as a “thing”, which translates to a product or tool, when really they are a process that utilizes automation technologies and tools to allow the capabilities associated with NCCM to be realized. When this happens, there can be a perception that there is a simple way to implement and achieve successful uptake of the practice with almost no other engagement than “give me one NCCM please”. Expand this post for More » » »

NCCM and the unfulfilled promise of closed loop remediation

DSCF0102There are a lot of benefits to Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) not the least of which are visibility, control and change automation. But the “Holy Grail” that is often pointed to is the ability to do closed loop remediation where the tools can be used to detect change, confirm its validity, and remediate it directly, if out of compliance. This is good story, but Expand this post for More » » »

Reports from the Floor at BloxFest 2016

bloxfest_logoEmpowered is very excited to be at BloxFest 2016 in Boston.  We’re so busy with customers, and our featured talk in the Network Automation Track,  mounting a blog post is a challenge… Good News is Infoblox is on the case. Here’s excerpts from their great post, along with videos and more from the show floor.  Kudos to Mike Langberg.

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On-demand Webinar: Smart Strategies for APM

Register for our Webinar with Rego ConsultingGartner says “Optimizing Application Development and Maintenance Can Cut Costs by More Than 50 Percent.”  We agree, but how do you get it done?

Empowered and Rego Consulting recently presented Smart Strategies for Application Portfolio Management (APM), which examined successful approaches for implementing APM in your organization, quickly and effectively.  The session recorded live on Thursday March 3rd is now available on-demand.

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